The Ventures’ Perfidia

Not one to play favorites, I thought I’d make a new and more faithful arrangement of the Venture’s 1960 hit “Perfidia”. The difference between this and my prior versions is this one includes a rhythm guitar part.


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Theme for Young Lovers

I am a huge fan of the 60′s British instrumental band The Shadows. Led by Hank Marvin, they arguably make the Ventures sound like a 3rd rate garage band by comparison. And I really love the Ventures. It’s really a shame that so few Americans knew of them.

Theme for Young Lovers is one of their hits, written by their rhythm guitarist, Bruce Welch.

For this recording I played everything except for programming the drum track.

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Bright Size Life

Pat Metheny is one of the guitarists and musicians that I hold in the highest regard. Besides being  a great player and leader, he is one of jazz’ greatest composers as well. Bright Size Life is the title track of his debut album, released in 1976 on ECM, when Metheny was only 21. The album features Jaco Pastorius on bass.

I’ve recorded and released this composition before, but thought I’d take another crack at it in a quartet format. Mainly I just wanted to create some new backing tracks for myself so that I could play it more regularly.


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Network Row Ten

During the school year it is much more difficult to find time for practice, let alone composing and recording. That does not mean that the urge goes away. I made some time over the weekend for this new composition and track. It is in my “fusion” style and is set for guitar, bass, keys and drums. As usual, I actually play the guitar and bass parts. I did a teensy bit of overdubbing at the end.


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Liam’s Mail

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last new item from what has been a fairly productive summer musically.

After you listen, you will not be surprised to find this track is a tribute to the Allman Brothers Band — especially their instrumental jams. I just love those, and wish there were more. So I wrote one.

I also wanted to stay faithful to their approach, so this track is very full, set for 2 lead guitars, one rhythm guitar, bass (all of which I played) as well as piano, organ and drums.

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The end of summer draws ever closer, and I am still trying to fit in some more creative time. This tune is something of a lament that I’ll be going back to work soon. It is called “Deleveled”.

I allowed myself the luxury of some overdubbed guitars with this track.

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So, it is August and the summer is winding down. It seemed like a good time to write and record a tune to make note of that. This is pretty basic jazz/rock fusion…set for my standard guitar, bass, keys and drums where i played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the other parts using Sibelius and Midi. I tried quite hard here to make it sound live — so there may be a few rough edges.



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