“Fireball” is an original instrumental intended to be in the style of early 1960s guitar rock similar to the Ventures.

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Magic Carpet

This is my cover of “Magic Carpet”, originally released in 1963 by the English instrumental group, the Dakotas. These are the same Dakotas who composed and were the first to release the classic surf instrumental, “The Cruel Sea”. They also went on the become Billy J. Kramer’s backup band, much as the Shadows backed up Cliff Richard.

“Magic Carpet” was composed by George Martin, who was their producer — as well as being the producer for the Beatles.

My arrangement is more in the style of the Shadows than the Dakotas.

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This is my arrangement of “Bombora”, which was a major hit for the Australian surf-rock band, The Atlantics. By September 1963, “Bombora” had climbed the Australian charts to reach No 1. It was also released in Japan, Italy, Holland, England and New Zealand and in South America.

It was named after an Aboriginal term for large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves.

My version is not a cover of the original, but I definitely sought to replicate the driving energy of the original.

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This is my cover of “Wailin” which was originally released in 1960m by the Fabulous Wailers, a group from Tacoma, Washington. Also from Tacoma, in 1961 the Ventures included a version on their 2nd album.

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Hodad Chaser

“Hodad Chaser” is an original instrumental intended to be in the style of early 1960s guitar rock similar to the Ventures. However, it features two lead guitar parts instead of just one.

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The Chase

This is my cover of “The Chase”, which was the “B-side” to a 1961 single called “The Stringer” by Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics. This is the same Bobby Fuller who formed the Bobby Fuller Four and had a big hit with “I Fought the Law”.

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Blue Hawaii

This is my instrumental cover the the song “Blue Hawaii”. It written by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger for the 1937 Paramount Pictures film Waikiki Wedding, which starred Bing Crosby and Shirley Ross.

It is probably best known as the title song of the 1961 Elvis Presley movie, Blue Hawaii.

I was surprised to find no contemporary guitar group recordings.


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