“Dreams” is a track from the 1st Allman Brothers Band album. My instrumental arrangement tries to preserve much of the original, utilizing two drum tracks, two guitar tracks, piano, organ and bass. However, it also tries to push what is clearly a jazz-based tune even a little further into the jazz realm.

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Tobacco Road

“Tobacco Road” was written and first recorded by John D. Loudermilk in 1960. The 1964 version by the Nashville Teens (in spite of the name they were a British group) reached #16 on the US charts and the tune has since become a standard across several musical genres.

I have given it a “Classic Rock” setting.

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In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” is a track from the Allman Brother’s Band debut album. Written by Dickey Betts, it is one of their first instrumental jam tunes.

My arrangement deviates slightly from the original, primarily in the “jam” section, where a Latin feel is substituted for the rock of the original.

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Old Guy Plays “Music to Watch Girls By”

“Music to Watch Girls By” is another instrumental hit that was a TV commercial — this one for Pepsi. The single made it to #2 in 1966.  Once again, the young’uns likely won’t remember, but the geezers surely will.

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Old Guy Plays “No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is In)”

“No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is In)” started out as a commercial for Alka Seltzer. Its catchy hook led to it being recorded and released as a single. The musicians who played on it were the famous West Coast studio musicians known as the “Wrecking Crew” — including drummer Hal Blaine, guitarist Tommy Tedesco and bassist Carol Kaye, but It was released by a non-existent group called the “T-bones”. Its success necessitated that such a group be formed to perform on TV and live.

The young’uns may not remember this instrumental hit, but the geezers will.

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Old Guy Plays “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”

“Cast Your Fate to the Wind”, as written and performed by Jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi, was a solid top-40 hit in 1963, reaching #22 and staying on the charts for 18 weeks. Two years later, Guaraldi would compose the now beloved music for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

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Old Guy Plays “Telstar”

“Telstar” was a huge instrumental hit for the Tornadoes, a British group, in 1962. Named after the first communications satellite, it went to number one on both the US and UK charts. It was covered by virtually every instrumental band at the time, including the Ventures, Shadows, Champs, and Spotniks.

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