Day Tripper


Here is another Beatles tune. I think it’s a bit unusual given where their music was heading at the time. It’s basically just a guitar riff-driven rocker.

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I’ll Follow the Sun


I am something of a sucker for the sappy, pretty Paul McCartney songs like this one (or like “I Will” form the White Album). It seemed a good choice for an arrangement.


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Eleanor Rigby


If I had said to you, “I’ll bet you 20 bucks that I can make a surf-rock arrangement of “Eleanor Rigby”, and that it would actually be really good”, you might have taken that bet.

I think that if you had, you would have just lost twenty dollars.

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I Saw Her Standing There

I had quite a bit of fun arranging and recording this. It’s cool creating surf-rock tracks from songs not normally associated with the genre. This one actually translated quite readily.


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Some Years Past


This is an original, smooth jazz tune new this summer. The title was the result of me thinking about my advancing age, so I put together a montage of photos of me with family and guitars that starts pretty far back and goes through the past year. They’re not in any particular order. I like this tune pretty well — it has a nice, relaxing feel.


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And I Love Her


From the 1964 film, “A Hard Days” Night, this song peaked at #12 on the USA charts.


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If I Fell


“If I Fell” was the “B” side to “And I love Her”, both from 1964’s “A Hard Days Night”


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