Cool Cats Medley

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This entry is about the background of one of my arrangements, which I call “Cool Cats Medley”. I encourage you to listen to it before reading futher – to see if you can identify the “cool cat” behind each part of the medley:

Cool Cats Medley Stream Mp3

I think this medley is lots of fun for those who can remember the originals. They are all excellent, classic and memorable themes.

Raymond Burr The first part of the Medley is the “Perry Mason Theme”. It was written by Fred Steiner, who wrote episode music for many famous TV shows, including the original Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and Lost in Space. He also wrote the theme for “The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show” – one of my other favorites. “Perry Mason”, starring Raymond Burr, first premiered in 1957 and remained on the air until 1966. I have quite clear memories as a small child of being in bed, trying to sleep, and hearing this spooky theme emanating from the living room downstairs as my parents watched the latest episode.
Craig Stevens The second theme is “Peter Gunn”. Peter Gunn premiered in 1958, and was notable for its use of original, modern jazz theme music composed by the legendary Henry Mancini. “Peter Gunn” was produced by Blake Edwards of “Pink Panther” fame. The “Pink Panther” theme is one of Mancini’s most famous tunes. IMDB describes a typical episode of “Peter Gunn” as: “Craig Steven’s almost impossibly urbane private eye, Peter Gunn, would step onto the case, always bending the law just enough to keep Herschel Bernardi’s way dour NYPD detective, Lt. Jacobi, unsure of whom to arrest first: Gunn or the perps in question.”
Jack Lord The third theme is “Hawaii Five-0” and the “Cool Cat” is Steve McGarrett, as played by Jack Lord. Besides having the lead role in this long-running series, Jack Lord appeared a a CIA agent allied with James Bond in the first James Bond film, “Dr. No”. The composer of “Hawaii Five-0” is Morton Stevens, another major contributor to television musc. He contributed music to episodes of innumerable TV shows and films, including “The Man from Uncle”, “Wagon Train”., “Gilligans Island”, “The Wild Wild West”, and “Gunsmoke”. The theme from is “Hawaii Five-0” was a top-40 hit for the Ventures in 1968.
Sean Connery The final theme, is – of course – the James Bond Theme. For me, James Bond will always be personified by Sean Connery. Timothy Daltons was very good, as was Pierce Brosnan – and Daniel Craig has gotten very good reviews as the newest Bond. But none of them come close to the original, at least as I am concerned.The James Bond theme was written by Monty Norman and performed by the Monty Norman Orchestra. I am really delighted that the producers of the James Bond films have continued to use this classic theme for more than 40 years.

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