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New Fusion Quartet Recording

This one actually does NOT use my new PRS.

This tune, called “Next Generation” is in its third iteration. I’ve retained the guitar part from the 2nd, as I think it works pretty well. It’s my ES-347 through what is for me a pretty high-gain setting.

Everything else is re-done. I am playing the bass part on my Ibanez 5-string, again taking some advantage of the low notes on the 5th string, plus I’ve redone the key and drum parts.



My creative energies now seem split between these quartet fusion things and my power trio numbers.

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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Soapbar (addendum 2)

This is an all-new tune (started last week) that again features the new PRS Custom 22 Soapbar. It’s called “Another Step”, and has something of a pop, adult-contemporary feel, although the harmonic vocabulary is a bit outside that genre:



The “A” section uses a Boss OC-3 Super Octave to get the octave effect. There is also a chorus and echo. In the “B” section I am actually playing the octaves.

I play the bass part on my recently acquired Ibanez 5-string, and the part does take advantage of some of the low notes.

The drums are edited loops, and the keyboard part was programmed.

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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Soapbar (addendum)

I thought I’d throw together a quick demo using the PRS Custom 22.  The tune is called “Stainless”. On the recording I use two different tones — one is a clean chorused sound for the head, the other a slightly dirty tone for the vamps and the solo section.

I think the recording illustrates what a nice basic sound this guitar has, and also showcases its terrific natural sustain.



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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Soapbar

As someone seriously afflicted by GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome), I have been guilty of buying quite a few guitars.  I usually wait until I am fairly certain that I would like to try a particular model — which sometimes takes quite a while and a fair amount of reading.  However, I have found that once I decide that I want to try, playing one in a music store doesn’t help much.


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5-String Bass II – Another Johnny A Cover

I’ve been wanting some tracks to let me practice my new 5-string bass. So I’ve been going back and using some of my existing stuff which were 4-string parts. But I also wanted to have some opportunity to work on parts that used the low string.

So I did “Oh Yeah”, which I have been practicing on guitar for some time. On the recording I am playing both guitar and bass.

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