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Another New Tune & Recording: All I Need (is You)

I wrote and recorded this today. Perhaps there is some pent-up stuff waiting to get out. I’ve been looking forward to having time to play, compose and record, and so far it’s been going pretty well.

This would be a ballad/sappy love song type of tune. Instrumentation follows the “Could be Live but Isn’t” format of guitar, keys, bass & drums. As is also my custom in this format, I played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the key and drum parts.

The guitar is my L-4CEs.



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New Recording: One Last Time

This tune dates from 2005, and was the title cut on my CD “One Last Time“. The arrangement is essentially the same, but features some reduction in the backing parts, an improved drum track, and a live bass track.



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A New Recording: Heartland

This composition and basic arrangement dates back to 2001. My goal with the tune was to create something that sounded “American”. I was also very much influenced by some of Pat Metheny’s early work here.

I’ve tried a few times over the years to update the arrangement and recording. This is the first time I think I was successful.



The drums and keyboards are programmed. I played the bass and guitar parts.

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New Videos

Today I uploaded 8 videos to YouTube. All my videos are accessible at: .

By the way, I am painfully aware I have no stage presence and look like a total dork when I am playing. It’s a bit late to do anything about that at this stage in my life, having been playing for more than 45 years. Hopefully I sound okay.

Here are the new ones: (more…)

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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Soapbar (addendum III)

I’ve made two more recordings with my new PRS. One is a redo of a song previously posted called “Sally’s Midnight Blues”.  It’s recast here into the quartet format (my approach with my CD, (could be) *Live* (but isn’t), somewhat in the style of Booker T and the MGs:



The second is the Eric Clapton’s “Layla”. I’ve always enjoyed playing this tune, so I thought I’d go ahead and try recording it. It’s also the quartet format:



On both recordings I played the bass as well.

One of the great things I’ve learned about my PRS is that its natural sustain is so excellent that I can use less gain on the amp and still get the singing quality I’m after with this style. My Anderson Cobra doesn’t ring as well so I have to increase the gain or compression to get there.

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