Smooth Jazz Redux

July 31, 2010 at 2:42 pm Leave a comment

It has been quite some time since I made a smooth jazz recording. As I have noted in at least one prior post, I have recently found tiresome virtually the entire genre. As such, my attention has been devoted to other styles and projects such as the power trio and fusion quartet.

This particular recording is the result of a couple different thoughts coming together. The first was to try to make a live-performable quartet recording — similar in concept to my fusion quartet — of a smoother tune. The second is that an old tune I wrote years ago started banging around in my head — not sure why. It is called “Don’t Want to Go” and when I dug it out I noted the date on the manuscript said July 23, 1979 – almost exactly thirty-one years ago, when I was twenty-six.

So here is the result. As with my other quartet recordings, for the backing tracks I played the bass and programmed the drum & keyboard parts. I think the main guitar recorded particularly well here — I am very pleased with the sound. It is my Orchid archtop sent through my old reliable POD Pro 2.0. This is the guitar that recently went through a re-fret and pickup replacement. It now sports a Kent Armstrong handmade single coil — the same as I discussed in a prior post.

Here are the links to listen:



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Video: Steely Dan’s “Josie” Smooth Jazz Redux II

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