Holiday Music Arrangements – 2010

November 20, 2010 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

Every year around this time I try to generate at least a couple new original arrangements of Christmas or other holiday songs. Typically each year’s arrangements are influenced by the style of music I’ve been emphasizing over that year. Last year I was in “trio” mode, and so the 2009 arrangements were all in that vein.

This year I am back into jazz-rock fusion, having released the album “Still Hungry” which is in that style. So my first (hopefully more will be forthcoming) arrangement for 2010 is a jazz/rock fusion version of “Oh Come Oh Come, Emmanuel”.

I’ve never worked much with this carole before, but have always liked it. It sounds like it is in a minor key — although it’s actually modal. Some think the melody might be 8th century Gregorian in origin. Whatever the case, it is a haunting melody and the modal character is a welcome change from other, overwhelmingly major-keyed, Christmas caroles.

My arrangement begins with a short classic-guitar introduction. The balance of the arrangement is a fusion quartet: guitar, bass, keys, and drums. As I usually do, I played the guitar and bass parts and “programmed” the others. Here are the links to listen:




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