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On Christmas Day

This is actually the first time I ever tried to write a Christmas song.  Christmas morning when I got up, I picked up a guitar (as I often do in the morning). However, as I started noodling, a new tune emerged. It actually took about an hour or so to work through, as the form and the nuances of the repetition took some sorting through.

As it was Christmas morning,  it felt like it was and should be a Christmas song, and even a few snippets of possible lyrics came to mind.  The melody & harmony are sort of wistful, so I imagined the song was about someone who could not be home “On Christmas Day” but really wished he could be.

Due to all the action of the time of year, I wasn’t able to get around to finishing the arrangement and recording until today.

This should officially conclude the holiday music for this year, I think.



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2010 Holiday Arrangements #8

I suppose it was inevitable I would eventually get around to an arrangement of “Silent Night”. This venerable carol — supposedly originally composed with guitar accompaniment because the church organ was in need of repair — might be the most popular of all Christmas songs.

This recording continues the “smooth jazz/fusion” approach of this year’s material.



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2010 Holiday Arrangements #7

This is one you may not know. It is called “In Midnight’s Silence” and is a traditional Polish Christmas carol. I only learned of it in the past couple of years, when it turned up in a collection my wife (who is a piano teacher) purchased.   We also have friends who with whom we celebrate the holidays every year who know it well. Here is a performance should you wish to hear a straight version:

Being a fan of anachronism, I somehow reasoned that the best setting for a Polish Christmas carol would be a samba. So that’s what we have.



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2010 Holiday Arrangements #6

This is proving to be a productive year for Christmas arrangements. The guitar, bass, drums and keys format (with me playing the guitar and bass parts and programming the others) seems to be working well.

This is “Joy to the World”. I hope you’ll take a moment, listen, and let me know what you think.




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2010 Holiday Arrangements #5

This is “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, which borrows rather heavily from my arrangement of “Green Dolphin Street”.  Again: guitar, bass, drums and keys with me playing the guitar and bass parts and programming the others.



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