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Spring Break III (the final chapter)

This is the end of my last week of lightened schedule around spring break. I tried to take advantage with one more new composition and recording.

The title is “Oh Candid Nacho”, an excellent and non-sensical palindrome contributed by my wife C. I thought it an appropriate choice because the tune itself is bit on the quirky side. I think it has lots of late 70’s – early 80’s vibe.

As almost always, it is a guitar, bass, keys, drums quartet with me playing the guitar and bass parts — and no overdubbing or impossible to actually play things going on in the programmed parts.



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Spring Break II

As I am now officially into spring break, I have another composition and recording to post. This one has a reggae feel. The weather forecasters are predicting significant snow for tomorrow — maybe this is my way of trying to make it warmer.

I’ve called this one “Too Hot To Hoot” (yes, another palindrome), and it follows the guitar, bass, keys, and drums format where I play the guitar and bass parts and program the others.



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Spring Break

The current and next couple of weeks are mid-term exam and Spring Break time. So, my schedule is temporarily lighter as there are fewer classes for which to prepare and fewer assignments to grade.

This has coincided nicely with some ideas for new material. The latest result is the current composition and recording: “Rotator”. The title is inspired by the ambient-style introduction in 6/8 time, which has something of a circular feel to it. The highly observant of you might notice that the title is a palindrome, following my recent naming conventions (Drawn Inward, Name Now One Man, Never on Level (nor Even)).

After the ambient introduction follows a jazz-waltzy feel — also in 6/8. There is also some rhythmic playing around between two groups of three and three groups of two. The ambient section returns in shortened form after the solo section and before the head is recapped for the final time.

This is again the guitar, bass, keys, drums quartet format where I played the guitar & bass parts and programmed the keys and drums. In spite of all that seems to be going on in the ambient sections, it is just four parts.




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