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Studio Upgrade Part 4: An Almost Total Break from the Past

This is an all-new composition and recording. The tune is called “Stack Cats” (yes, another Palindrome title). The style is what I would call jazz-rock, set for my standard guitar, keys, bass, and drums quartet. As usual I actually played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the others.

What is new here is that this recording was done entirely using Sibelius and ProTools. I am still struggling a bit with them both, but am making progress.

On the Sibelius side, I’ve decided it works better for me on Windows than on the MacBook — largely due to the missing numeric keypad on the portable.

On the ProTools side, everything for the recording itself was done in ProTools after importing the midi file that I exported from Sibelius. Rather than using my Yamaha Motif ES Rack for the drum and keyboard sounds — as I have been doing for more than 5 years, I exclusively used plugins within ProTools for this purpose. The drums were done using EZ-Drummer and the keyboard using one of the soft-synths that comes with ProTools. I also used the reverb and compression plugins.

The quality sounds good to me, and there were no performance or latency issues — even with all the plugins loaded up.

For those of you interested in such things, for the guitar tone I used my Ethos Overdrive pedal.

See what you think:



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