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We Few

It is something of a challenge to find time to compose and record during the school year when I am teaching as much as I do. However, the need (urge?) to make and create music remains, and on occasion becomes too strong to resist. When that occurs, everything but getting ready for the coming week of classes gets set aside so that I can compose and record (and getting ready for classes might get pushed into the latter stages of the weekend).

I started this little project last Thursday morning in Sibelius. The composition process lasted through the end of the day yesterday (Saturday), at which point I transferred it into ProTools.

This morning I recorded the bass part and after lunch the guitar part.

I had some very specific things in mind with this composition and arrangement. In particular, I really wanted to do a tune where the lead guitar tone was clean, undistorted, and without effects (other than some reverb and echo). I also did not want it to be a fat, straight jazzy archtop top tone, which is my usual alternative to a rock-based sound.

Fortunately, that worked out very easily. The guitar is my Anderson Short T. Dialing in the tone took about 5 seconds. The guitar pickup setting is the treble/middle “quack” position and it went  straight into my POD Pro which was set to the clean channel on the Dumble emulation.

So here we have the result. The song is called “We Few”.



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