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Red Currant Jam

This is from a couple of years back, during my “Power Trio” phase. Still sounds okay to me, I think.
Red Currant Jam

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Spotify Playlist

This is a link to a Spotify playlist with my four most recent albums. Listen as much as you like; one can sign up for Spotify as a free or premium service.

Richard Franklin Spotify Playlist

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‘Burgh Style

This is my first new composition in quite a while. Hopefully there will be much more to come over the summer. This one is called “Burgh Style”, although admittedly there isn’t anything particularly Pittsburgh about it. I just liked the sound of the title. It’s a jazz/rock/funk fusion number, set for a guitar, piano, bass & drums group. As is typical for my work, I played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the others.

I hope you’ll give it a listen, and perhaps comment on it, “like” it or “share” it. Below the video is a plain MP3 link if you’d prefer that.

‘Burgh Style

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The Lady in My Life

After a fairly long creative dry spell, I thought I’d try a cover of what is, I think, a really beautiful tune, “The Lady in My Life”. Composed by Rod Templeton and originally released on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, it is the only track from that album NOT released as a single.

Click to Listen

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