Her Sweet Face

July 12, 2013 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

This track is the same tune I play unaccompanied on the 6-string bass and posted recently. For good measure, I appended that recording to the end of this new arrangement, and it ends things on a melancholy note. This is, basically, intended to be a wistful song. I’ve actually written lyrics for it, but my singing is so awful I am releasing it this way. Someday when no one is around, I may try to record a vocal:

Her sweet face
Made me smile
She had grace
She had style

She was never
out of place
Now it seems
that I miss her sweet face

It was like a guarantee
that she did love me

She was mine
That time and place
Now she’s gone
and I miss her sweet face

The new part of the arrangement is actually a straight-ahead swing feel, but the melody and chord changes are such that I think the sense of sadness still comes through. As usual, it is guitar, piano, bass and drums. By the way, I think the piano solo came out very well. I’m pleased with this, since I did not play it, but sequenced/composed/tweaked it in Sibelius.

Click here to listen to “Her Sweet Face”

And if you are wondering, yes, this is another song about how much I miss my dog who died a month ago.


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6-String Bass Her Sweet Face – Ballad

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