Plexi Round 4

February 23, 2014 at 4:17 pm 2 comments

This is my 4th effort inspired by my recently acquired Marshall Plexi.


This tune is called “Lead Rhythm”. Like my previous post, this tune is from a few years back. I released the 1st version of this tune on my CD “Sunflower“, which is available on CD Baby if you click the link.

Since I got the plexi, I’ve been looking back to some of my previous, more rock-oriented numbers. This is again what I would call an “updated” arrangement.

The head alternates 8 bars of what is a riff-based section with 8 bars of something of a melody. I’m not sure if it’s apparent, but in certain sections I was trying to get some of the feel of the ending section of “Layla” to contrast with the more hard-rock oriented sections.

Again, the guitar is not actually recorded through the amp, but rather my old Pod Pro.

Click here to listen.

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  • 1. Zeek Duff  |  February 24, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    HI Richard,
    Been awhile since I’ve had a chance to listen to your current offerings, and as expected, your playing is excellent, great ideas, with well done grooves. However, I’m not getting a good balance in the mix, I don’t know why for sure, but I suspect you need to go through a “finalizer” or multi-band compressor to get things in the right perspective.

    I had that problem on my first CD attempt, and I discovered a Behringer copy of the TC Finalizer (which costs an arm & 2 legs), and one of the presets did exactly what I needed to bring out my ax and put the band into the correct perspective. This thing is called the Ultra-Dyne Pro 9024, and of course like many great products, they no longer make it. Mine went belly up after years of continuous use (doesn’t have a power switch, so it was on all the time), and I had to get a used one off eBay. They might make something to replace it, or someone else does, but it sure enlightened me as far as Mastering my CD went. Now, I know, it’s absolutely necessary as the last step before burning the Master copy… šŸ˜‰

    The idea is to split the frequency range into about 6 parts, and then level/EQ them within each band/part, then to each other. That brings out the solo ax on instrumentals perfectly, and balances the back-up band to sheer perfection. Of course, your ears will still have to tell you how to tweak it for your personal taste, but once you hear it, you’ll immediately know what you need to do next. I’ve tried some of the Mastering algorithms on a couple of direct-to-disk recorders, a couple VST plug-ins for Logic Audio, and they all worked pretty well (a modest improvement to the final mix), but not NEARLY as well as the actual hardware multi-band compressor.

    Anyway man, that’s what I’m getting from listening to both this most recent download, AND going to CD Baby and listening to several of your preview tracks, there. Check it out bro, and GOOD LUCK!

    Best regards,

  • 2. Zeek Duff  |  February 24, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    PS: I LOVE your Plexi setup man, definitely green with envy!!! šŸ˜‰


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