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Out of Limits

As someone with a rather poor singing voice, I have long had a great fondness for and interest in instrumental music. Of course, if it is GUITAR instrumental, so much the better. So I am naturally a fan of the Ventures, the Shadows, and other instrumental rock groups from the 1960’s.

One of these groups was the Marketts, founded by composer/producer Michael Z. Gordon. Basically in the studio it was Gordon and members of the Wrecking Crew, although a live touring version did exist as well.

The Marketts’ biggest hit was Out of Limits. Written by Gordon, the song peaked at #3 in February 1964 and sold over a million copies. It is basically a riff on the theme from the Twilight Zone, and named for a competing program of the time, The Outer Limits.

Gordon, BTW, was also involved in producing television and movies.According to Wikipedia, his production credits include: Married… with Children” (1987) Angels in the Endzone (1997); Narc (2002; In Enemy Hands (2004); Shortcut to Happiness (2004), Mafioso: The Father, The Son (2004), and Silent Partner (2005).

My arrangement is for a trio of guitar, bass and drums. I played both the guitar and bass parts, while using loops for the drums.


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