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Taco Cat Part II

This track is development of some of the ideas originally explored in my tune Taco Cat. I have therefore decided to title it Taco Cat – Part II.

It is essentially a  mashup of classic-rock style funk riffs. The instrumental setting and style (Guitar, Bass Drums, B-3)  also recalls early Deep Purple — at least for me.

As usual, I played the guitar and bass parts, and relied on midi for the organ and drums.

There certainly isn’t anything groundbreaking going on here, but I think it’s fun.



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This is my second cover of an Allman Brothers’ tune. One of the things I really like about them is the instrumentals, and Jessica certainly is a classic. This arrangement is pretty loyal to the Allman’s version.

So much is going on that I needed to add an additional keyboard part to my usual practice of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. As usual, I played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the drum and keyboard parts.



Nash Les Paul

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Maiden Voyage Take II

I might also call this ‘Deep Purple does Herbie Hancock’.

This new recording of Maiden Voyage is based on a recording I did a couple of years ago, when I first started playing around with setting jazz standards over a rock feel.

However, this version takes things quite a bit further down the road to good, old-fashioned 60’s style hard rock, with the setting for guitar, B-3, bass and drums.



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Won’t it Now?

This is a new fusion tune/recording called “Won’t it Now?”. I think it’s got some interesting chord changes, and is set over a moderate jazz-funk feel.

The instrumentation is (as usual) guitar, bass, keys and drums, with me playing the guitar and bass parts and programming the piano and drums parts.



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