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Lullaby of the Leaves

Listening to this arrangement, you would never know what a beautiful tune this is, or how many different jazz artist made soothing recordings of the tune. Written by by composer Bernice Petkere and lyricist Joe Young, it was featured in a  1932 Broadway revue. Ella Fitzgerald’s version is probably the best known jazz version.

Somehow, the Ventures turned it into a raucous surf rock tune in the style of “Walk Don’t Run”.  That’s what my arrangement is based on. I do not recommend trying to sleep with it playing.

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The Eleventh Hour

This spooky number was an album cut on the 1964 album “The Fabulous Ventures”. My arrangement follows theirs with a few added subtleties.

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The Lonely Bull

“The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)” was written by Sol Lake and recorded by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The Herb Alpert single was the first release on A&M Records.

It became a hit (US #6) and title song to the album The Lonely Bull, released in December 1962.

The Ventures covered this on their 1963 album “The Ventures Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull”.


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This was the “B-side” of the Ventures 1966 version of “Secret Agent Man” . The irony/humor of the 7-eleven is pretty cool.

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The Ninth Wave

Originally released by the Ventures in 1963 on their album “Surfing”.

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“Stingray” was a minor hit in the UK for the Shadows in 1965. My arrangement follows the original, where the lead instrument is a fuzz bass — a Burns Bison. I use a baritone guitar that I built myself from Warmoth parts.

I don’t know if the title references the car or the fish. I chose to feature the car in my video, since it is more sixties.


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(Venturing) Over the Rainbow

“Over The Rainbow” is a song you probably never expected to hear done this way, so it makes an excellent addition to my “anachronistic instrumental rock” series.

BTW, the Ventures did record and release at least one version of this classic song.


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