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Love is Blue

This is my arrangement of “Love is Blue”, which sat at #1 in the USA for five weeks in 1968. That is an amazing accomplishment for an instrumental. The Ventures included a cover on their 1969 album, “More Golden Greats”.

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In My Life


This wonderful song from the Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” is largely the work on John Lennon. It is justifiably one of their most highly regarded tracks.

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Things We Said Today

This song was written for the movie “A Hard Days Night” but was not included in the film. It did appear on the album. I had originally planned to do an arrangement similar to the original. However, once I dug into it the melody and changes screamed **SURF**. So that’s what I did.

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Catch Us if You Can

In 1965, the Dave Clark Five were featured in a movie (directed by John Voorman, who went on to direct “Deliverance” among many other movies) titled “Having a Wild Weekend”. “Catch Us if You Can” was one of the main hits from the film score. While starting like the original, my arrangement quickly veers into rockabilly territory.

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The “In” Crowd

A #13 hit for Dobie Gray in 1964, it was taken to #5 in a jazz/instrumental version by Ramsey Lewis in 1965. Of course my version is surf-rock/Ventures style.

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The Night Before

This is my somewhat surfy version instrumental cover of the Beatles’ “The Night Before”, which was featured in the movie “Help”.


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This is my instrumental arrangement of “Michelle” — another of those pretty, sort of sappy Beatles tunes. It was released in December 1965 on their album Rubber Soul and was composed principally by Paul McCartney.


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Day Tripper


Here is another Beatles tune. I think it’s a bit unusual given where their music was heading at the time. It’s basically just a guitar riff-driven rocker.

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I’ll Follow the Sun

“I’ll Follow the Sun” was written primarily and sung by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon–McCartney. It was released in 1964 on the Beatles for Sale album in the United Kingdom and on Beatles ’65 in the United States. My instrumental version follows the original in feel.


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Eleanor Rigby

If I had said to you, “I’ll bet you 20 bucks that I can make a surf-rock arrangement of “Eleanor Rigby”, and that it would actually be really good”, you might have taken that bet.

If you had, you would have lost twenty dollars.

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I Saw Her Standing There

I had quite a bit of fun arranging and recording this. It’s cool creating surf-rock tracks from songs not normally associated with the genre. This one actually translated quite readily.


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Some Years Past


This is an original, smooth jazz tune new this summer. The title was the result of me thinking about my advancing age, so I put together a montage of photos of me with family and guitars that starts pretty far back and goes through the past year. They’re not in any particular order. I like this tune pretty well — it has a nice, relaxing feel.


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And I Love Her

From the 1964 film, “A Hard Days” Night, this song peaked at #12 on the USA charts.

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If I Fell

This is my instrumental cover of “If I Fell“, which first appeared in 1964 on the album A Hard Day’s Night in the United Kingdom and United States, and on the North American album Something New. It was credited to Lennon–McCartney, but John Lennon stated that he wrote it.  However, Paul McCartney stated that he contributed to the song.

“If I Fell” was released as the B-side of the US single “And I Love Her”.

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This is a track from the Ventures 1962 album, “Twist Party Vol. 2”. It was not released as a single, nor can I find any indication that it was ever a “B” side. My recording follows the original quite closely. This is your basic “garage” rock’n’roll.

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