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“Throwdown” is an original, riff-based instrumental guitar rock track inspired by the Ventures mid-1960s sound.

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Oh, Come, Little Children

“Oh, Come, Little Children” is a German Christmas carol. The lyrics were written by Catholic priest and writer Christoph von Schmid in 1798. The music to the poem as it is known today was written by the composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz in 1790.

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A la Nanita Nana

“A la Nanita Nana” is a traditional Christmas carol that has become a popular lullaby in the Hispanic world. The composer was José Ramón Gomis, born in 1856 in Novelda, Alicante, Spain; the lyrics were written by Juan Francisco Muñoz y Pabón. The carol was published in 1904.


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There’s a Song in the Air

“There’s a Song in the Air” is a Christmas carol and United Methodist Church hymn. The music, by Karl P. Harrington, dates from 1904. The words are the work of American poet and novelist Josiah Holland, who wrote them in 1874.

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As Each Happy Christmas/Christ was born on Christmas Day

This is my arrangement of two short Christmas songs, “As Each Happy Christmas” and “Christ was born on Christmas Day”, into a medley,  Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck (1770-1846) composed the music to “As Each Happy Christmas”, originally a German carol. The tune for “Christ was born on Christmas Day” dates from the 14th century.


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Christians Awake! Salute The Happy Morn

“Christians Awake! Salute The Happy Morn” dates from the 18th century. The words were written by John Byrom (1692-1763) and the music by John Wainright (1723-1768).

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The Birthday of a King

“The Birthday of a King” is a Christmas Hymn composed by William Neidlinger (1863 – 1924) and first published in 1890. Neidlinger was a composer, conductor, and organist at St. Michael’s Church in New York City.

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