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Jessica (redux)

This is my new attempt at a cover of the Allman Brothers’ classic “Jessica”. My first attempt was back in 2014. It’s not so much that I play better now (though I like to think I do), but I definitely am better at recording. I could also mention that I find Dickie Bett’s playing to readily influence mine. It’s interesting how that works. There are many guitarists I admire greatly but their approach just doesn’t come easily to me: Nokie Edwards, Ritchie Blackmore, Duane Allman, chicken pickers like Johnny Hiland, etc. Then there are those like Dickie Betts, Larry Carlton and Hank Marvin, whom I can hear in my playing all the time.

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“Shufflin'” is an original instrumental composition intended to be similar in style to the early 1960s instrumental guitar rock groups like the Ventures.

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Boxing Day Blues

“Boxing Day Blues” is an “original” 12-bar minor blues that borrows heavily from Miles Davis’ “All Blues”. The title is a simple reflection of when I wrote and recorded it – December 26th. Naming a blues is often little more than looking around for something going on at the moment. As usual, I played guitars and bass and used the computer to create the drum and organ parts. There is one unusual aspect to this track — each of the three on-screen parts took only one take.

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Just Me Three

“Just Me Three” is an original instrumental in a “classic rock” style…specifically, a “power trio”.

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