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Cheap Phil Doubles Down

“Cheap Phil Doubles Down” is an original instrumental intended to evoke the feel of an early 1960s Ventures album track used to “fill out” an album or serve as a “B-side”. Both the Ventures and Shadows discographies are full of tracks like this. In many, many cases, I actually prefer these tracks to the “featured” ones.


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Kicking Around

This is my cover of “Kicking Around”, which was a track on side two of the Ventures 1962 album, “Twist Party Vol. 2”. The tune is an excellent example of a 12-bar-based “filler” track used to pad an album…and which often are more memorable and original that the “covers” used to sell the record.

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Walk On By

This is my instrumental arrangement of “Walk On By”, composed by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David. Recorded in 1963, it was a major hit for Dionne Warwick, for whom it was written, in 1964.

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This is my cover of “Twisted”, originally a 12-bar “filler” track on the Ventures 1962 album, “Twist Party Volume 2”.

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Love Theme From Spartacus

This is my cover of the “Love Theme From Spartacus”, which was composed by Alex North for the 1960 Oscar-winning epic film “Spartacus”. The song has become something of a jazz standard, with the rendition by Yusef Lateef being one of the most popular. It was also covered by Ramsey Lewis, Carlos Santana, Gabor Szabo and Bill Evans.

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“Remembering Carlos”

“Remembering Carlos” is an original instrumental dedicated to the memory of the great Brazilian guitarist, Carlos Barbosa-Lima – who was also my teacher and one of the most important musical influences in my life. Carlos passed away in February of 2022 at the age of seventy-seven.

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Whomp Bompa Chompa

“Whomp Bompa Chompa” is an original instrumental intended to sound like something the Ventures might have reorded in the early 1960s.

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Can You Believe Your Heart

“Can You Believe Your Heart” is an original rock instrumental intended to sound like something the Shadows might have done in the 80s or 90s.

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The Look of Love

This is my instrumental arrangement of “The Look of Love”, composed by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David. It was originally composed as an instrumental and was first recorded by Saxophonist Stan Getz in 1966. Lyrics were added later and the well-known version by Dusty Springfield was released in 1967 as part of the Casino Royale sound track.

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Eu Sempre Gostei Disso

“Eu Sempre Gostei Disso” is an original instrumental in a bossa-nova/snooth jazz style, inspired by the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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A Faded Adage

“A Faded Adage” is an original instrumental ballad intended to have similarities to some of the material the Shadows recorded – especially their more elaborately produced tracks with strings.

A faded adage
A defaced facade
A decade aged

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