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A Go Go Dancer

“A Go Go Dancer” was a track on the Ventures 1965 album “Ventures A Go Go”.

The same song with introductory motorcycle engine sounds was also called “Kickstand” and appeared as the “B” side to the 1967 single “Theme from the Wild Angels”.


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Surf Fugue

“Surf Fugue” is an original composition that combines a surf rock feel with a traditional fugue with its form and construction based on J.S. Bach.

It opens with a solo presentation of the fugue subject in the tonic key of A minor. This is followed by the subject in the dominant key of E minor, accompanied by a counter-subject. The exposition concludes with a return to the tonic, again with the counter subject. The subject is then stated in the relative major, C, without the counter-subject and harmonized in 6ths.

A brief development section follows: a sequence built from the first half of the fugue subject.

The piece concludes with a recap of the first three statements in A minor, E minor and A minor.

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Kick Out

“Kick Out” is another original instrumental composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more complex musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. With this one I tried to get a feel similar to the early 60’s style of surf rock and the Ventures.

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Nokie Dokie

“Nokie Dokie” is an original instrumental, and a tribute to Ventures lead guitarist Nokie Edwards. The tune has a country swing feel, as I have always felt there were strong country underpinnings to Nokie’s wonderful style.

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“Taboo” was composed by Cuban singer and composer  (1910–1981) Margarita Lecuona, a cousin of Ernesto. It has been recorded many times, primarily by singers and big bands.

However, there are also rock versions by the Ventures and a Belgian guitar-rock group , the Jokers.

These inspired by arrangement.

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Damaged Goods

“Damaged Goods” was the “B-Side” to the Ventures 1963 single “Ninth Wave”. It was never released on an album. It has a rather interesting story (I love interesting stories):

According to the book “Walk Don’t Run: the Story of the Ventures”, the Ventures were commissioned to provide the score for a movie entitled “Damaged Goods”. The group believed it was to be a remake of a 1954 action film, “Forbidden Cargo”,  about smuggling on the high seas. They renamed and re-recorded a previously unreleased track to be the title theme. Song writing credit was given to Bob Bogle’s wife Carol Bedford.

However, when the film was released, it turned out to be a remake of a 1937 film titled “Forbidden Desire” which was about a popular high-school athlete who contracts venereal disease from a prostitute.  Oopsie.

Needless to say the group was none too pleased about this and thus never promoted the track, which is actually pretty good.

My arrangement is based on the original.

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Echo Boogie

“Echo Boogie” was the “B-side” to Jorgen Ingmann’s 1961 instrumental hit “Apache”.

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