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Fleeting Feather

“Fleeting Feather” is an original, instrumental composition which blends several of the styles that have influenced my work — a Hendrix-inspired rhythm guitar part, keyboard parts reminiscent of the Allman brothers, and a cleanish lead part with Hank Marvin touches (and some Allman brothers style dual leads).

The resulting final product has quite a country feel.



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PT Blues Part 4

“PT Blues Part 4” is an “original” instrumental 12-bar blues.

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The Guardian

“The Guardian” is an original composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. This one is similar to the style of the Shadows.

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My Tribute

“My Tribute” is my instrumental homage to all the great musicians — many of whom were big influences on me and my work — whom we have lost in 2017.

Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Walter Becker, Glen Campbell, Al Jarreau, J. Geils, Allan Holdsworth, John Abercrombie, James Cotton, Tom Petty, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Col. Bruce Hampton, Larry Coryell, and Clyde Stubblefield.

It’s just a partial list.

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Normal Form

“Normal Form” is an easy-going rock instrumental with some jazz touches. I began it thinking it would be more in a classic-rock vein, but I think that — other than the B-3 — it turned out a bit more seventies/Steely Dan-ish.

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“Normalization” is an original composition in a “Classic Rock” style. This particular track is a homage to the “art-rock” style — pioneered by bands like Deep Purple, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Yes — that incorporated elements of classical music.

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Inner Join

“Inner Join” is a 12-bar, minor blues. It is intended to evoke the feel of the great “Super Session” album with Mike Bloomfield (one of my major guitar heroes) and organist Al Kooper.

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