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Big Hairy Year

“Big Hairy Year” is an original jazz/rock/funk/fusion composition.

I decided on the this title because 2017 is a major milestone year for me in a number of ways:

1. My wife and I both turn 65
2. It is the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth
3. I am retiring this year
4. I got my first black belt in Karate 10 years ago ( I am now a 4th degree master)
5. My father passed away 15 years ago
6. My mother passed away 10 years ago

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Funk Fugue

“Funk Fugue” is an original jazz/rock fusion composition.

It really is a traditional fugue with its form and construction based on J.S. Bach. It opens with a solo presentation of the fugue subject in the tonic key of G. This is followed by the subject in the dominant key of D, accompanied by a counter-subject. The exposition concludes with a return to the tonic, again with the counter subject.

A brief development section follows: a sequence built from the first half of the fugue subject & counter subject.

The next appearance of the fugue subject (again with counter subject) is in the relative minor (Em), followed by another sequence built from the first half of the fugue subject & counter subject, this time starting in the subdominant minor.

The next section begins in the dominant key of D, and the fugue subject appears (without counter subject). Halfway through, the fugue subject appears in another voice, forming a “stretto” — or overlapping of the fugue subject with itself. This continues for two more statements of the fugue subject.

Another development section follows: again a sequence built from the first half of the fugue subject & counter subject.

The fugue concludes with a statement of the subject — with counter subject — in the tonic.

May 25, 2017 at 6:37 pm 1 comment

Blues Mantra

“Blues Mantra” is an original jazz/rock fusion tune. A few years ago, jazz/rock fusion was the genre where I spent almost all of my time. My surf-rock & oldies projects kind of took over more recently. Today, the urge to revisit the jazz/rock thing was very strong. Never one to ignore such urges, this composition and recording emerged in just a couple of hours.

It’s basically a fairly traditional minor key 12-bar blues, but this might not be apparent at first given the feel and some of the harmonic extensions.


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Moving On

“Moving On” is an original composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with more a sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that style. Another way to describe it might be surf-rock/smooth-jazz fusion. 😉

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Some Years Past


This is an original, smooth jazz tune new this summer. The title was the result of me thinking about my advancing age, so I put together a montage of photos of me with family and guitars that starts pretty far back and goes through the past year. They’re not in any particular order. I like this tune pretty well — it has a nice, relaxing feel.


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Two Years Past

Here is a new, original smooth jazz tune — which seemed a good excuse for a bunch of pictures of Lacey, our 11-year-old coon hound mix.

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June Bug

This is an original jazz/rock/funk fusion tune.

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Don’t Know Why

Written by Jesse Harris, this was the first song on Norah Jones’ debut album. It has been covered my many jazz artists. I have given it a smooth-jazz setting.

May 30, 2016 at 2:51 pm 1 comment

Pooh’s Hoop

This is a jazz-rock-fusion track.

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Toowunbee Seveneoh

Fusion? Instrumental Rock? You decide!

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Trying Again

This tune and arrangement dates from a few years back. I never made a video for it, however. I redid a couple of the rhythm guitar tracks and re-produced the whole thing again in Protools. I think this is one of my best smooth-jazz tunes.


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Name Now One Man

This is a tune I first recorded a couple of years back and released on my album “Drawn Inward” ( It is a jazz-rock fusion number. I think this is one of my best tunes, and until now I never made a video for it. The recording here is the same arrangement as on the album, but is a new recording/performance which sounds a bit more muscular to me.

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New Jazz Fusion Tracks


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Funk Ballad

“Funk Ballad” is an original instrumental composition in a jazz/pop/fusion style. It is actually neither particularly funky nor much like a ballad either. The arrangement is a bit thicker than usual for me, featuring a couple of keyboard parts as well as rhythm guitar. I played the guitar and bass parts; the other parts are soft synths controlled via midi.

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“Dreams” is a track from the 1st Allman Brothers Band album. My instrumental arrangement tries to preserve much of the original, utilizing two drum tracks, two guitar tracks, piano, organ and bass. However, it also tries to push what is clearly a jazz-based tune even a little further into the jazz realm.

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