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Pepper’s Theme

“Pepper’s Theme” is an original instrumental intended to be in the early 1960s style of the Shadows. The song commemorates our adoption of a beautiful 3-year-old female German Shepherd from our local animal shelter.


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Shadow Run

“Shadow Run” is an original guitar instrumental intended to be similar to the early 1960s style of the Shadows.

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Fly Away

“Fly Away” was originally a track on the Ventures 1968 album, “Flights of Fantasy”. This album featured mainly covers of currently popular material like “Scarborough Fair”, “Summertime Blues”, and “The Mighty Quinn”. “Fly Away” was one of the “filler” tracks. Songwriting credit is shared by the four band members, Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards, Bob Bogle and Mel Taylor.

By 1968, the music scene had progressed well beyond the Ventures’ basic rock’n’roll origins, and the Ventures had adapted their sound and approach to stay current. This tune was something of a throwback to their roots.

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Diem in Monimentum

“Diem in Monimentum” marks my return to Smooth Jazz. I’m not sure how long this return will last.

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“Relentless” is another original instrumental composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. With this one I tried to get a feel similar to the early 60’s style of surf rock and the Ventures.

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Red River Rock

Red River Rock“, is an instrumental version of the cowboy ballad, “Red River Valley”. First recorded by Johnny and the Hurricanes, instrumental rock and roll band from Toledo, Ohio, it peaked at #5 in the USA and #3 in the UK in 1959.

In 1963 the Ventures released “The Ventures Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull” which consists entirely of cover versions of popular instrumentals from the late 50’s to early 60’s. “Red River Rock” is on that LP.

My arrangement is not a cover of either the original or the Ventures versions, but is very much in that style.

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Bumble Bee Twist

“Bumble Bee Twist” was a track on the Ventures 1962 album “Twist with the Ventures”. On the first pressings of the LP, this track was entitled “The Wasp”. Songwriting credit is given to members Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards, and Bob Bogle. However, it is clearly an adaptation of “Bumble Bee Boogie”, which is itself based on Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”.

My arrangement is basically of cover of the Ventures version.

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