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Shapes of Things

“Shapes of Things” was released as a single by the Yardbirds in early 1966. It is considered groundbreaking in a few ways. In particular Jeff Beck’s feedback-enhanced, Eastern-sounding solo has many critics claiming this as the first “psychedelic” track.

My instrumental arrangement is based on the original.



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Exploration in Terror

“Exploration in Terror” is another track from the 1964 album “Ventures in Space” and was written by members Don Wilson, Bob Bogle and Nokie Edwards. The original recording featured a very prominent Tam-Tam (Gong) throughout. My arrangement includes a toned-down role for this distinctive sound. My arrangement also replaces the original lead guitar with a baritone guitar, which I think adds to the “spookiness” of the overall vibe.

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4th Dimension

“4th Dimension” was a track on the Ventures 1964 album “Ventures in Space” and was written by Gary Hodge and Terry Wadsworth. Interestingly, the tune was first released as a single in 1960 on the Dolton label (the Ventures’ label as well) called “Werewolf” by a surf-rock band called “The Frantics”. The original version is very good and can be found on Youtube.

Its spooky demeanor apparently led to its inclusion on “Ventures in Space” but since werewolves aren’t really about outer space, a new title was needed.

My arrangement is similar to both the Ventures’s and Frantic’s versions.


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Beaded Decade

Periodically I am overcome by the urge to do something in a classic rock vein. Today was one of those days. “Beaded Decade” is an original composition featuring a crunchy guitar and classic rock organ.

BTW, the title provides the chord progression for the first half of the tune. The progression for the second half of the tune also spells two words — see if you can figure them out!

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Them Changes

“Them Changes” was the title track from Buddy Miles’ 1970 album. As a single it reached #62 on the hot 100 that year.

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7 and 7 Is

“7 and 7 Is” by Arthur Lee and Love was not a huge hit; it peaked at #33 in 1966. However, there are few more influential in establishing the psychedelic style that would break out in the following year. This was one of the very first recordings in the style — though I think the influence of the Ventures is also noticeable.

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