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Jamaica Shadow

“Jamaica Shadow” is an original instrumental composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. This one is similar to the style of the Shadows — who, as far as I know, never did a number with a reggae beat.

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Trying Again

This tune and arrangement dates from a few years back. I never made a video for it, however. I redid a couple of the rhythm guitar tracks and re-produced the whole thing again in Protools. I think this is one of my best smooth-jazz tunes.


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Spring Break II

As I am now officially into spring break, I have another composition and recording to post. This one has a reggae feel. The weather forecasters are predicting significant snow for tomorrow — maybe this is my way of trying to make it warmer.

I’ve called this one “Too Hot To Hoot” (yes, another palindrome), and it follows the guitar, bass, keys, and drums format where I play the guitar and bass parts and program the others.



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Just the Three of Me

My latest release, Just the Three of Me, is now available on CD Baby.

Just the Three of Me

This is the commercial version of the tunes I have been posting here over the past several months. (more…)

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This is the title of my latest tune and recording. As with all of my recent  material, it is a strict guitar, bass drums trio with no overdubs.

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Rufuous Sided Towhee

June 1, 2009 at 6:10 am 1 comment

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