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The Intruder

“The Intruder” was a track on the Ventures 1962 album, Going to the Ventures Dance Party! It was written by guitarist Billy Strange, who is considered to be one the elite studio musicians known as the Wrecking Crew. He also wrote “Limbo Rock”.

The Ventures version uses at least three guitars (plus bass and drums), with at least two sharing lead parts. I have pared it down to use only two, combining the lead parts into one — as the Ventures might have done it live.


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“Wildcat” was a “filler” track on the Ventures 1966 album “Wild Things!”, which mainly featured covers of then currently popular songs like “Wild Thing”,
“Sweet Pea”, “Summer in the City” and “Hanky Panky”.

As is usually the case for me, I prefer the ‘filler tracks” — and this one is no exception.

My arrangement omits the keyboards of the original, but is otherwise a cover.

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“Bulldog” was a track on the Ventures’ 1961 album, “Another Smash”. The song was composed by George Tomsco, the original lead guitarist for the Fireballs. My approach is based on the Ventures’ version.


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Nokie Shuffle

“Nokie Shuffle” is an original composition.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending and performing at the 10th annual Ventures Fan Fest. The theme this year was “A Tribute to Nokie Edwards”.

Nokie was an incredible guitarist whose skills took the Ventures to  another level in the early 60s. At the fan fest many played his numerous “signature” tunes. I resolved to develop a better understanding of his style, which has never come easily to me.

I usually do better going for the “spirit” of a style than trying to directly imitate things note for note. “Nokie Shuffle” is an attempt to do that.

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Fly Away

“Fly Away” was originally a track on the Ventures 1968 album, “Flights of Fantasy”. This album featured mainly covers of currently popular material like “Scarborough Fair”, “Summertime Blues”, and “The Mighty Quinn”. “Fly Away” was one of the “filler” tracks. Songwriting credit is shared by the four band members, Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards, Bob Bogle and Mel Taylor.

By 1968, the music scene had progressed well beyond the Ventures’ basic rock’n’roll origins, and the Ventures had adapted their sound and approach to stay current. This tune was something of a throwback to their roots.

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Magic Waltz

“Magic Waltz” is a composition by Ernie Lamprell.

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“Strike!!” is another original instrumental composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with a somewhat more complex musical and harmonic language than was typical for that genre. With this one I tried to get a feel similar to the early 60’s style of surf rock and the Ventures.

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