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“Rick” is an original instrumental in the style of 1960’s folk-rock. It features a prominent 12-string guitar accompaniment.

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“Grayflower” is an original composition in which I try to combine the feel of 60’s instrumental guitar rock with more a sophisticated musical and harmonic language than was typical for that style. This one is very much like the Shadows approach.

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In the Pocket

“In the Pocket” is an original instrumental in the style of 1960’s surf-rock. “In the Pocket” is surfer lingo for staying at the steepest part of the wave where the most power is — right in front of the white water or barrel.

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“Reconciliation” is an original instrumental in the style of the Shadows — the 1960’s British instrumental group.

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Hang Six

Surf’s Up! “Hang Six” is an original surf-rock, riff-driven instrumental featuring a lead baritone guitar complemented by a twangy regular electric.



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Two Days Past

“Two Days Past” is an original composition in the style of 1960’s instrumental guitar rock — most notably the Shadows.

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Knight Rupert

“Knight Rupert” is from Robert Schumann’s “Album for the Young”. “Knight Rupert” is a form of “Knecht Ruprecht” — who is a companion of Saint Nicholas as described in the folklore of Germany.

He acts as a foil to the benevolent Christmas gift-bringer, threatening to thrash or abduct disobedient children. Ruprecht wears a black or brown robe with a pointed hood. He carries a long staff and a bag of ashes.

I thought Schumann’s spooky composition would lend itself to a 60’s guitar-rock instrumental setting.

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