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Liam’s Mail

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last new item from what has been a fairly productive summer musically.

After you listen, you will not be surprised to find this track is a tribute to the Allman Brothers Band — especially their instrumental jams. I just love those, and wish there were more. So I wrote one.

I also wanted to stay faithful to their approach, so this track is very full, set for 2 lead guitars, one rhythm guitar, bass (all of which I played) as well as piano, organ and drums.


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The end of summer draws ever closer, and I am still trying to fit in some more creative time. This tune is something of a lament that I’ll be going back to work soon. It is called “Deleveled”.

I allowed myself the luxury of some overdubbed guitars with this track.


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So, it is August and the summer is winding down. It seemed like a good time to write and record a tune to make note of that. This is pretty basic jazz/rock fusion…set for my standard guitar, bass, keys and drums where i played the guitar and bass parts and programmed the other parts using Sibelius and Midi. I tried quite hard here to make it sound live — so there may be a few rough edges.




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Richard Franklin Fusion

Since I am no longer releasing CDs, I thought I’d try Soundcloud “albums”. These are all instrumental jazz-rock tracks and are all of the newer stuff from the past year or so.

If you’d rather listen directly in Soundcloud:

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Lacey Summer

My latest composition and recording commemorates an important event for us this summer. It has been almost 14 months since we helped our beloved German Shepherd, Casey, to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of twelve — suffering from cancer.

Last week we adopted a lovely and very sweet  senior (9 year old) female hound mix. We have named her Lacey, which was my mother’s maiden name. We did not know what her original name was. That’s her photo at the bottom of the post.

The track is in a jazz-fusion style. As is my usual approach it is set for a quartet of guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Again as usual I played the guitar and bass parts and used midi/Sibelius to compose/program the keyboard and drum parts.




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Richard Franklin Rawks

Since I am no longer releasing CDs, I thought I’d try a Soundcloud “album”. These are all instrumental rock tracks with quite a bit of jazz influence.

If you’d rather listen directly in Soundcloud:

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In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

I am still exploring of the music of the Allman Brothers Band.

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed  was one the ABB’s instrumental jam numbers. It is the fourth track on the group’s 1970 album Idlewild South. Composed by Dickey Betts, it is the first instrumental written by a bandmember, and the first of several that Betts would write and become popular. The song is named after a headstone Betts saw at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia a place frequented by band members in their early days to relax and write songs.

The original is quite clearly jazz-influenced. My arrangement, while pushing things even further into the jazz realm, is very much in the spirit of the original, and is set for guitar, bass, drums, and piano. As usual, I played the guitar and bass parts while using Sibelius/midi to compose/program the others.




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