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The Man From Uncle

This is my cover of the theme from “The Man From Uncle”, a tongue-in-cheek spy-fiction television series produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television and first broadcast on NBC. The series follows secret agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, played by Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, who work for a secret international counterespionage and law-enforcement agency called U.N.C.L.E. The series ran from September 22, 1964 until January 15, 1968. The theme was composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

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Theme from “The Incredible Hulk”

This is my cover of the Theme from “The Incredible Hulk”. It was composed by Joe Harnell for the late 70’s – early 80’s TV series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

The theme is also known as “The Lonely Man” and was always heard during the closing credits as a piano solo.

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Stranger on the Shore

Stranger on the Shore” is an instrumental written and first performed by Acker Bilk on the clarinet. It was subsequently used as the theme tune of a BBC TV drama serial for young people, Stranger on the Shore. It was first released in 1961 in the UK where it reached number 2 on the singles charts, and then in the US, making it to the top of charts.

In my arrangement I tried to imagine how the Shadows might have performed it. As it turns out, there is a live recording of the song by the Shadows in Paris from 1962. I was not aware of this when I made my recording. However, the Shadows version features then bassist Brian Locking playing the melody on harmonica. My version is all guitar.

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Blue Star

“Blue Star” was originally theme music for the television series, Medic, and was composed in 1955 by Victor Young under the title “The Medic Theme.” A set of lyrics were later added by Edward Heyman (who often worked with Young) and with those lyrics the new title was  “Blue Star,” a new copyright was issued on May 5, 1955.

The Shadows included an instrumental version of the song as the second track on their 1961 eponymous album.

My rendition is basically a cover of the Shadows version with some added instrumentation.

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“Fugitive” was a track on the Ventures album “Fabulous Ventures”.  It was also released as a single in 1964, although it did not crack the hot 100. This is not the theme from the TV series “The Fugitive” (1963-67), although it is reasonable to assume it was inspired by it — although I can find nothing to confirm this other than the similar timeframes. This “Fugitive” was composed by Lou Josie, who also wrote “Midnight Confessions”, the Grass Roots hit.

My arrangement follows the form of the original Ventures, but makes several changes in rhythm and overall feel.



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Theme from Hogan’s Heroes

“Hogan’s Heroes”, a highly improbable comedy series set in a WWII German POW camp, debuted in 1965 and stayed on the air until 1971.

The actors who played the four major German roles—Werner Klemperer (Klink), John Banner (Schultz), Leon Askin (Burkhalter), and Howard Caine (Hochstetter)—were Jewish. Furthermore, Klemperer, Banner, and Askin had all fled the Nazis during World War II. Werner Klemperer was the son of the great conductor Otto Klemperer and was an accomplished musician in his own right.

The theme music for Hogan’s Heroes was composed by Jerry Fielding. Fielding was a successful TV composer whose credits include the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

My arrangement is an instrumental guitar rock setting featuring a snare-drum driven march and a rockabilly solo break in the middle.

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Mission Impossible

This iconic theme originally from the 1960’s TV series was written by Lalo Schifrin. It’s driving feel is heavily reliant on its irregular (5/4) time signature. I have given it a surf-rock setting (surprise!)


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Joker’s Wild

In 1966, the Ventures released a “Batman” album with the Batman Theme and a bunch of other adventure/spy themes like “The Man from Uncle” and “Secret Agent.” This Batman-themed track was one of the “filler” cuts.

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The Ballad of Paladin

This was the song used over the closing credits for the 1958-63 TV western “Have Gun – Will Travel”.  As played by actor Richard Boone, Paladin was the main character. Duane Eddy released an instrumental version that was a top-40 hit in 1962.

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Surfin’ the Turf #18: Stranger on the Shore

This tune was a HUGE hit in 1962. As written and recorded by Acker Bilk, it went to #1 on the US charts. It also has the distinction of being the “rock era” first recording from the UK to hit #1 in the USA.


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Out of Limits

This tune is actually not the theme from the cult-classic 60’s TV show, the Outer Limits. Of course the opening riff is a rip-off of the theme from the Twilight Zone, another — and probably better — spooky program. All of this got composer and Marketts leader Michael Z. Gordon in some legal hot water. However, the tune was still a #1 hit and the Marketts went on to record the 1966 Batman theme. Later in his career Gordon was a very successful TV and film producer.


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Surfin’ the Turf #8: Yakety Axe

I could hardly exclude this iconic theme from my retrospectives of 50’s and 60’s instrumentals. A top-40 hit for Boots Randolph in 1963, it has gone on to be very familiar thanks to its use by Benny Hill and others.

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Theme from Bonanza

Not much explanation needed here. If you were around, you remember the show and the famous theme.

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“In the Shadows” Playlist

Here is a playlist with all 25 songs from my “In the Shadows” project: 24 covers and 1 original tune all in sixties guitar rock style.

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Theme from Rawhide

This is my instrumental arrangement of the theme from Rawhide, which was a very popular Western TV show starring Clint Eastwood. It was on the air from 1959 – 1966. Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin, this theme is very recognizable, originally performed as a vocal (with lyrics by Ned Washington) by Frankie Laine. It also figured humorously in the original Blues Brothers movie.

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