The World Has Gone Insane

“The World Has Gone Insane” is an original instrumental ballad.

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Chi Mai

This is my cover of “Chi Mai”, a composition by Ennio Morricone written in 1971. It was used in the films “Maddalena” directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz (1971) and “Le Professionnel” directed by Georges Lautner (1981), as well as in the television series An Englishman’s Castle (1978). In 1981, it was used as the theme music for the BBC series The Life and Times of David Lloyd George and the BBC release of the theme reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. In Italian, “Chi Mai” means “whoever”.


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One More Hurt to Get Over

“One More Hurt to Get Over” is an original instrumental ballad.

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On to the Next

“On to the Next” is an original instrumental in a Southern Rock style.

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I’m Running Out of Hope

“I’m Running Out of Hope” is an original instrumental ballad.

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Cheap Phil’s Cowbell

“Cheap Phil’s Cowbell” is an original instrumental intended to evoke the feel of an early 1960s Ventures track used to “fill out” an album or serve as a “B-side”. Both the Ventures and Shadows discographies are full of tracks like this. In many, many cases, I actually prefer these tracks to the “featured” ones.

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Routemaster 38

“Routemaster 38” is an original guitar-rock instrumental intended to sound like something the Shadows might have recorded in the early 1960s. The “Routemaster” is the famous London double-decker bus. The “38” route was/is one of the longer, major services in the London area, and one I rode many times when visiting my Mom’s family in Chingford in the 1960s.

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Claudia’s Theme

This is my cover of “Claudia’s Theme”, which is from the 1992 Western movie “Unforgiven” starring – and directed and produced by – Clint Eastwood. This is the main theme from the movie, and was composed by Clint Eastwood.

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What Will It Take

“What Will It Take (to Heal all the Hearts)” is an original instrumental ballad.

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“Four-Three-Two-One” is an orgnal instrumental rock 12-bar intended to sound like a “B-side” or “filler cut” that the Ventures or an early 1960s instrumental group might have recorded.

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One More Behind Me

“One More Behind Me” is an original, medium-tempo “soft-rock” instrumental.

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Rum Bump A-Lump Bump

“Rum Bump A-Lump Bump” is anoriginal instrumental intended to sound lilke something the Ventures might have recorded in the mid 1960s.

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A Little Help for Us All

“A Little Help for Us All” is an original instrumental ballad.

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“Basically” is an original instrumental ballad. It showcases my 6-string bass.

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There Isn’t Anything

“There Isn’t Anything” is an original instrumental ballad.

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