Christians Awake! Salute The Happy Morn

“Christians Awake! Salute The Happy Morn” dates from the 18th century. The words were written by John Byrom (1692-1763) and the music by John Wainright (1723-1768).

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The Birthday of a King

“The Birthday of a King” is a Christmas Hymn composed by William Neidlinger (1863 – 1924) and first published in 1890. Neidlinger was a composer, conductor, and organist at St. Michael’s Church in New York City.

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At the 2019 International Ventures Fan Fest

Here is a link to a Youtube playlist for my set at the 2019 International Ventures Fan Fest.

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You Can Run Again

An original composition in 1960s instrumental guitar style.

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Another Goodbye


An original composition in 1960s instrumental guitar style.

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“Fireball” is an original instrumental intended to be in the style of early 1960s guitar rock similar to the Ventures.

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Magic Carpet

This is my cover of “Magic Carpet”, originally released in 1963 by the English instrumental group, the Dakotas. These are the same Dakotas who composed and were the first to release the classic surf instrumental, “The Cruel Sea”. They also went on the become Billy J. Kramer’s backup band, much as the Shadows backed up Cliff Richard.

“Magic Carpet” was composed by George Martin, who was their producer — as well as being the producer for the Beatles.

My arrangement is more in the style of the Shadows than the Dakotas.

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